• Does Rennovate Do Interior Rooms or Exterior Projects?

    Yes! Our focus has been primarily on kitchen and bathroom projects, but we would be happy to discuss with you an interior room renovation or exterior home renovation project

  • Does a Consultation Cost Me Anything?

    No, every initial consultation is free of charge. We’d love to collaborate with you to design your next renovation project!

  • Can I Do a Renovation Project Before or After I Purchase a Home?

    Yes! In fact, many of our customers are homeowners who are looking to improve a home after purchase, but prior to moving in or before selling a home to improve its appeal to buyers.  Some buyers and sellers have even negotiated for the cost of our renovation services to be included in the purchase or sales price.

  • How Long Does a Renovation Typically Take?

    Once all of the design selections have been made, we expect a 3-4 week lead time to ensure all materials are purchased, on site and ready to go.  We then aim to complete each room renovation project in 10 working days or less.  Our design team will confirm with you during your consultation the actual schedule for your own project.

  • How Do the Deferred Payments Work?

    If approved, deferred payment customers pay 10% down and then make fixed, equal monthly payments over a 7 year term.  You can repay the balance at any time or if you sell your home.

  • How Much Does a Renovation Typically Cost?

    Of course the actual cost of any project depends heavily on the size and design of the room, but a large-sized, full-scale Rennovate kitchen project costs on average about $35,000 or $550 per month (excluding appliances) and a large-sized, full-scale master bathroom Rennovate project costs on average about $25,000 or $395 per month.

  • Who Helps Me Design My Renovation Project?

    We have a team of professional designers who will assist you in making your materials selections that can be efficiently installed in our streamlined Rennovate construction process.  Our design team will also make suggestions about improving the layout, use, and functionality of your space within its existing footprint.

  • Where Does Rennovate Operate?

    We are currently operating in Utah in South Davis County, Salt Lake County, and North Utah County with plans to expand our operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Let us know your location and we’ll make every effort to get to you!

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